After over 40 years in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries, CW International are among those that recognise and are progressing the need to reduce carbon emissions to protect the planet’s climate for our future generations.

The use of hydrocarbons for energy production and transportation needs to be phased out if we can. Alternatives for this are being progressed, for example nuclear, wind, solar, tidal, and wave power for electricity and electric and hydrogen for transportation. The major Multinational and National Oil and Gas Companies are a part of this Energy Transition moving more towards Energy Companies and there are many new Companies focused on and developing their technologies.

Hydrocarbons are still likely to be needed for the production of necessary chemicals and products and so the oil and gas industry also needs to be reducing its own carbon footprint as far as possible.

The broader Industry and Government at National and Local level need to understand the realities of the options for the future so that correct strategies and action plans can be put in place and moved forward now.

CW international has the experience and the understanding to help see how these technologies can be applied to your business, your facilities and your community as you strive at least towards Carbon Zero, taking into account the technical, commercial and societal issues.

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