Chris WHitmore   Founder, Managing Director and Principal Consultant with extensive experience in  developing and implementing new methods of working. He specialises in Crisis Management, Emergency Response, Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery.  
Paul Booley Principal Consultant with over 30 years experience in the oil and gas industry, operationally before joining CWI in Drilling (well-site services) and Major Projects (QA/QC) then for CWI and Clients on a wide variety HSE, Operational and Business Management assignments. Especially skilled in Management Systems of all types, Qualitative Risk Management from assessment to implementation of controls, and Emergency and Crisis Management at all levels. Also highly experienced in Issues Management and Stakeholder Engagement and Involvement. Most recently completed a 2 year secondment to Brunei Government to help on H&S Regulation.

Principal Consultant and owner of CW International LLC in Dubai. More than 35 years experience in oil industry, operationally with Schlumberger before joining CWI  and spending 15 years based in Brunei before moving to the Middle East, where he has been based for last 12 years. With extensive drilling and production operations experience from around the world Steve is in a position to be able to apply pragmatism in the implementation of all areas of HSE Management Systems.
Jackie ALLINSON  Principal Consultant and co-owner of CW International LLC in Dubai.  Has worked in all aspects of HSE across the petrochemical industry. Her specialist areas are HSE Management Systems, Risk Assessment, Project Management and HSE Case Development and implementation. She is an expert in setting up HSE for new ventures. Jackie is also a Certified Professional Coach affiliated to the International Coaches Federation.
Sally Booley   Senior Consultant focussed on the human, community and media aspects of emergency management including HR Emergency Procedures, Relatives Care Team Training, Media Training and the practice and testing of these in Emergency and Crisis Exercises.
Rebecca Booley  Graduate Environmental Geoscientist (Bristol) with background of assisting CW International on various aspects of Consultancy and Emergency Management assignments. Developing experience and expertise in Environmental Work with internships and then employment as Ecological Surveyor, then Data Analysis and coordinating site work on water management. Particularly adept at taking on and carrying out surveys, site and team management and coordination work, and the analysis and reporting on assignments.

Pg Abbas b Pg Hj Damit   Retired BSP Chief Fire Officer with whom CW Intl has enjoyed a close working relationship for many years. Now an independent Bruneian Consultant assisting CWI with Government Engagements, Emergency Exercises etc.

Simon Shim  Ex Brunei Shell HSE, now retired and running own consultancy business. Works with CWI on various HSE assignments for clients in Brunei - Emergency response, Contractor and Site HSE audits, inspections, reviews, Hazard studies.


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